What We Do

Handshake we build strategic alliances

There’s no substitute for the right connections. From our headquarters in Washington D.C., we tap an unparalleled network of private, public, and social connections to help our clients extend their reach in a global marketplace.

Award unmatched expertise  

We’re the experts on smart solutions. Our respected team brings together an unbeatable combination of rigorous thinking, intensive research capabilities, and extensive hands-on experience, all dedicated to producing results.

Chart providing maximum impact

We carefully evaluate each project, and take on only those where we can accomplish the most good. From time to time, we accept stock-based reimbursement in connection with start-ups. By leveraging our unique skills and influential connections, we’ve built a reputation for excellence.

Link design + innovation

We create companies and forge connections to help US and European organizations achieve more. We deliver the best by working with the top experts in the field, providing solid leadership, and upholding the highest ideals and standards.

Target targeted solutions

When you have a specific goal, we have the resources to achieve it. We delve deep into individual projects to get to the answer quickly. Our focused intensity minimizes the cost to our clients, and maximizes the value we add.

Footsteps every step of the way

We customize our approach based on your needs. We’re available to handle everything for you, start to finish: developing business strategies, forming companies, finding the perfect locations, building your brand, and selling your products and services. From day-to-day operations to executive leadership, we’re there when you need us.