oil & gas

IMARK serves leading national and international oil companies as well as EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) and EPCC (engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning) providers. We introduce companies into the oil & gas sector, enroll them in company procurement systems, and manage the bid process step-by-step to win bids. IMARK’s strategy is based on early-mover advantage, through our privileged access to information on new opportunities. Partnering with IMARK, and leveraging our unique combination of vision and industry expertise, accelerates your growth and drives higher efficiency. By optimizing project performance, streamlining the supply chain, and maximizing efficiencies, we save you money and increase your profits.

engineered products & infrastructure

IMARK works with the most important prime contractors in the construction industry. We specialize in advising our clients on effective strategies to penetrate the sector and pursue long-term growth. IMARK gives clients the advantage of an early position in business, and follows through every phase of the bid process to win complex projects. IMARK is a premier integrator in the sector, building profit in large-scale infrastructure projects. In addition, by introducing foreign companies into the US market – and subsequently worldwide through construction projects managed domestically and realized overseas – we enable our clients to achieve global success.

mobile city

Remote work camps face a host of logistics challenges stemming from the very nature of working in far-away places. IMARK has the solution: our innovative Smart Camps. We didn’t just invent the concept, we wrote the book on it. IMARK’s CEO Roberta Marcenaro is the author of the book Mobile City, the definitive source on Smart Camps. IMARK has the expertise to advise on turnkey camps with fully integrated components and services. We handle every aspect of the camp project, from the initial feasibility study phase, through planning, design, procurement, implementation and construction. All components and services are integrated, so the entire camp is engineered to perform efficiently. Camp residents enjoy premium quality food in a comfortable, convenient environment. Contractors and operators benefit from single-source facility management, more economical operation, shorter project completion time, and higher-quality work at the site with a higher return of working hours and greater job satisfaction.


IMARK brings a dynamic approach to clients working with the Department of Defense. Our clients face a rapidly evolving landscape of economic and technological obstacles in an era of tightened fiscal responsibility, greater public scrutiny, and mounting pressure to meet ever-higher performance levels. We help our clients navigate these difficulties, mitigate inefficiencies, and stay competitive. Our focus on managing growth, improving operations, and maximizing productivity empowers our clients to meet the objectives of today and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

medical products & technology

We help leading companies in the medical sector develop strategies to overcome industry challenges, including intense competition, burgeoning transparency, and increasing regulation. In addition to providing insights and delivering results, we enable our clients to stay competitive by providing operational and strategic advice on sales, marketing, sourcing, and distribution opportunities in the USA and overseas.


Restaurants of all sizes and types need expert guidance to lead in today’s marketplace. From fast food to fine dining, from bars to hotels, even industrial catering, we provide the expertise to succeed on start-up, turnaround, concept development, menu optimization, branding, licensing, and every aspect of restaurant operation. We also coordinate hospitality services in remote work camps, where we present delicious food, coordinated with housing, security, and everything a remote work camp needs to stay energized and productive. Our mission is to help hospitality providers of all kinds operate more efficiently, reduce costs, increase profits, and ultimately expand to meet their goals.

social impact

By combining our extensive expertise with our deep dedication to addressing socially relevant initiatives, we help our clients maximize the value they provide to the causes they support. We focus on addressing the most pressing and complex issues facing society today, with an emphasis on sustainability, arts and culture, green projects for oil & gas, and local food products. Through our involvement in promoting social impact, we are determined to create meaningful change and make a difference, one that has a lasting impact through the business world and far beyond.

retail & consumer products

IMARK serves a wide range of retail and consumer-product manufacturers. We have consulted on and assisted in the development of a broad array of retail and consumer wares, including food products, large-scale interior design, eyeglasses, fashion apparel, and much more. We help our clients minimize exposure to commodity cost pressures, test new products in the market, and build the agility to adapt to issues like shorter product life cycles and changing consumer tastes. We provide added value to our clients by addressing organizational, operational, and strategic issues to reduce inefficiencies and achieve growth in the changing retail landscape.

media & entertainment

Disruptive technologies and consolidations have transformed the media and entertainment sector. IMARK provides the critical insights companies need to thrive in today’s dynamic media landscape. We focus not only on operational improvements, but also strategic planning, growth acceleration, and developing marketing strategies to acquire greater audience share. By creating effective plans to optimize, refine, and effect change, we set the stage for our clients to pursue long-term growth.

architecture and design

IMARK works with U.S. and European companies to drive expansion into vibrant new markets. Through our extensive experience in the construction sector, we work closely with architects and planners, bringing together the best of American innovation and European design. We provide critical operational and strategic insights, along with unique sales, marketing, and distribution opportunities. By leveraging our critical insights from other industries, we empower our clients to overcome the challenges facing the architecture and design sector today, and develop breakthrough strategies to accelerate growth.